Next Network Meeting, Thursday July 19th

It is my pleasure to announce our next network meeting:

Our next network meeting:

Where: Clean Burn Inc, 34 Zimmerman Road, Leola, PA 17540, phone: 717-656-2011

When: Thursday July 19, 2007 from 8:30 until Noon

What: Assembly line balance and flow. See what and hear what Clean Burn has done too increase it’s output and reduce it’s costs

Who: 3 representatives per member company

Why: Clean Burn has developed into a terrific example of demand/pull and a visual factory

Network Meeting Summary – UtiliTech 5/16/07

Meetings subject: Administrative Lean

UtiliTech Inc. is a service company assisting it’s customer by identifying opportunities to reduce their utility and telecommunication costs and then proceed to apply rebates and rate reductions to costs.


Zone Control 101 – Gemba tools for frontline supervisors, leadpeople and managers


If you would like some background perhaps you would find listening to my Previous podcast “Supervising and the war against waste” useful, that podcast briefly discussed the supervisors role in a lean environment and available tools and concepts to apply.

My Suggestions on Toyota’s “zone control”


Gemba Kaizen on Clean Burn’s “Burner Line”

A Hot, Sustainable Success One team, one kaizen at a time.“If you cannot sustain gains, your efforts are muda”

Continuous improvement is one of the fundamental characteristics of the Toyota Production System or a Lean Enterprise. Building a culture that supports continuous improvement is no small task. In fact, it often takes ten years of more of hard work, constant focus and total commitment.


Next Network Meeting, Wednesday May 16, 2007 at UtiliTech

It is my pleasure to announce our next network meeting:

Our next network meeting:

Where: UtiliTech, Inc., 975 Berkshire Blvd., Suite 100, Wyomissing, PA 19610, phone: 610-777-3200

When: Wednesday May 16, 2007 from 8:30 until Noon

What: UtiliTech is a service company. They “sell administrative”, therefore they may know more about administrative waste, opportunity and improvements than many of us do. They Quote, they Measure, they Deliver Value and they Invoice just like many of you. In addition, they have the same cultural challanges all of us have. Come see some of their custom designed solutions and applications. We can all learn from this meeting.
Who: Due to space considerations 2 representatives per member company

Why: Different is good, you can learn so much in a “different” environment. We all know waste is waste and improvment is good, but a different perspective may enhance this learning opportunity.

Network Meeting Summary – Rose Corp. 4/19/07

Meetings subject: Measurement, Scoreboards and A3 Thinking

Rose Corp has recently taken the courageous step to post critical performance measures in their shops and offices. Tom McDevitt, Elain McDevitt and the companies new President and CEO Brian Higgins presented the story and process of communication to all members of their team. (more…)