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Ideas Presentation by Alan Robinson and Ideas Consortium Opportunity

Setting up and Launching a High-Performance Ideas Process Unlock the Power of Bottom-up Ideas in Your Business Act now to attend a 90-minute session and learn how to Unlock the Power of Bottom-up Ideas in Your Business Wednesday, June 4 9:00—10:30 a.m. at the Schmidt Training & Technology Center at Reading Area Community College Register… Read more »

Dwight will be speaking at Tobyhanna Army Depot October 10, 2013 and the Mid-Atlantic Lean Conference in Maryland November 5 & 6, 2013

  Tobyhanna Army Depot My presentation “Little by little one travels far”  will focus on keeping the momentum and sustaining continuous improvement.     The Mid-Atlantic Lean Conference Link to MWCC site and registration   My presentation “Nobody Cares” will focus on Management’s Responsibility to gain allies for continuous improvement  

Chrysler turn around

To read or listen to this interesting article go to:

Question of the week

We all make mistakes in our lean journey. What one mistake do you remember most? What did you learn from it?”

Philips Ultrasound 1/13/11 network meeting summary

Philips’ Reedsville PA site is truly in the continuous improvement business. Their “TIP” program measures and honors contributions by all. Physical changes in the facility, both administrative and production were profound. Congratulations to Philips Reedsville for their hard and ongoing work. “Everybody, everyday” is not a cliche. The afternoon training sessions on effective measurements found… Read more »

Gemba Kaizen on Clean Burn’s “Burner Line”

A Hot, Sustainable Success One team, one kaizen at a time.“If you cannot sustain gains, your efforts are muda” Continuous improvement is one of the fundamental characteristics of the Toyota Production System or a Lean Enterprise. Building a culture that supports continuous improvement is no small task. In fact, it often takes ten years of… Read more »

APICS Congress for Progress Baltimore, April 2006

Identifying and Eliminating Waste

Do you every think your “system” is letting you, your customer’s and stakeholders down? Perhaps some of these thoughts hit home:…