Next Network Meeting, Wednesday May 16, 2007 at UtiliTech

It is my pleasure to announce our next network meeting:

Our next network meeting:

Where: UtiliTech, Inc., 975 Berkshire Blvd., Suite 100, Wyomissing, PA 19610, phone: 610-777-3200

When: Wednesday May 16, 2007 from 8:30 until Noon

What: UtiliTech is a service company. They “sell administrative”, therefore they may know more about administrative waste, opportunity and improvements than many of us do. They Quote, they Measure, they Deliver Value and they Invoice just like many of you. In addition, they have the same cultural challanges all of us have. Come see some of their custom designed solutions and applications. We can all learn from this meeting.
Who: Due to space considerations 2 representatives per member company

Why: Different is good, you can learn so much in a “different” environment. We all know waste is waste and improvment is good, but a different perspective may enhance this learning opportunity.


  1. Lourdes

    Hi Anonymous,In general, stock truonver ratio is an efficient way to point out overstocking. You can calculate the stock truonver ratio by product to identify which products are overstocking.anyway, can you share your case to me so that we can further discuss?

  2. Dwight Bowen

    Not sure which case study you mean. Typically we look at inventory in terms of days of demand in stock, when lead times are long more days of inventory are required, increasing cost and risk of obsolescence. Fast delivery means the opportunity to reduce inventory costs.

    thank you for your question

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