Question of the week

We all make mistakes in our lean journey. What one mistake do you remember most? What did you learn from it?”


  1. Tom McDevitt

    How to screw up the simplicity of kanban. Not only once, but 3 times. We still have plenty of opportunities to utilize this inventory tool more effectively. Now that we measure inventory accuracies, kanban makes even more sense for The Rose organization.

  2. Andrew Bishop

    Insufficient focus on development of the capabilites of the management team (perhaps equivalent to not being demanding enough of managers?) The understanding of what lean means to management has lagged behind lean’s maturation at the front line. This holds us back, when management is not fully capable of supporting front line needs for problem solving and improvement.

  3. Andrew Bishop

    Interesting that a few hours after my post above, we get a broadcast from John Shook saying that management and capability development were the leading requests for focus at the next LEI Summit. I guess we aren’t the only ones with this difficulty!

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