APICS Congress for Progress Baltimore, April 2006

Lean Operations Workshop

Identifying and Eliminating Waste

Do you every think your “system” is letting you, your customer’s and stakeholders down? Perhaps some of these thoughts hit home:

“I am tired of apologizing to customers for missing promised ship dates”
“Over 90% of the time our material and or people are waiting on something!”
“We often don’t have what we need when we need it!”
“Too often it’s difficult to find what we need and then we have to move materials to get to it?”
“Yes, it really is possible to reduce your lead-time by 50%”

This workshop will focus on answering the following questions

1. What is getting in the way of your company being the most competitive and profitable member of your market?
2. Is there any waste in your value streams?
3. How does “Lean” define waste?
4. What do you mean by visible and invisible waste?
5. How can you identify waste? After identification, how can you eliminate waste?
6. What is in it for your company?

Participants will bring home the following skills:

* Identify both visible and invisible waste
* Understand a system which effectively sustains improvements
* Understand Kaizen and how small changes can lead to large improvements
* How to simply and effectively measure system performance
* How to apply Value Stream Mapping to your process


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