Next meeting Thursday October 9, 2014 @ Fenner Drive in Manheim

Next Lean Thinking Network Meeting

Where:  Fenner Drive, 311 West Stiegle St Manheim Pa 17545 parking in lower lot

When:  Thursday October 9, 2014, 9am-noon (arrive between 8:30 and 9)

What:  Topic- The Importance of Having a Future State Map prepared and Ready.  Fenner very recently moved a department, we will be able to go see and listen to the story from the people who did the work.

Who:  3 attendees per member company.

Safety: Safety glasses required we will be staying within the aisle so steel toes are not but no open toe shoes or heels.

Why: Moving a department is a challenging task, often filled with mistakes.  This will be a wonderful learning opportunity.

Fenner has requested the name, business and title of all attendees be available to them by Thursday Sept 25, 2014.

to register go to:




We are looking at October 9th,  9am-noon (arrive between 8:30 and 9) at 311 West Stiegle St Manheim Pa 17545 parking in lower lot. I will need names of all attendees, place of business and their titles 2 weeks in advance.  We can handle 20-30 people total

Summary 8/7/14 visit to Tobyhanna Army Depot

Our second visit to the Shingo Prize winning Army Depot did not disappoint as we visited new areas and saw, heard and discussed the improvements made and opportunities to make further improvements.  Building #30 – Sandblast and Paint was the focus of our tour.  The highlight of the tour (to me) was an idea demonstrated by an operator in an assembly cell, simplifying the process of turning a thumb screw…….and then showing us an improvement to the improvement…..Great Stuff!

According to Brad Jones, the Depot’s Director of Continuous Process Improvement, the Depot follows David Mann’s management philosophy:  1. Visual Management 2. Visual Accountability

3. Standard Work for Supervisors.  Mann’s philosophy filled attendees with the prospect of making some fundamental changes in operations.

Our thanks to the Depot and the great team that supported our learning efforts.

Attending companys:

Misco Products

Green Leaf Enterprises

Restek Corp.




Network meeting Thursday August 7, 2014 at Tobyhanna Army Depot


Itinerary for the Visit of

Lean Thinking Network

7 Aug 14


0830 Arrival Building 20 Danielle E. Weinschenk, Directorate of Productivity Improvement and Innovation 
0900 Lean Six Sigma at Tobyhanna Army Depot Lean Six Sigma Room Brad Jones, Director, Productivity Improvement and InnovationSee Note 1
0930 Tour Building 30  Mr. Howard Slinger, Chief, Systems Preparation Branch, D/Systems Integration and Support
1130 Working Lunch Lean Six Sigma Room  
1300 Departure    


Purpose: To benchmark Lean Six Sigma and 6S initiatives at Tobyhanna Army Depot.


Lean Thinking Network attendees will be:


Dwight Bowen




(1)  Also attending the Briefings will be:  TO REGISTER GO TOregistration link




Mr. Donald Engel, Chief, Research and Analysis Division

Mr. Brian Regan, Chief, Process Improvement Division

Ms. Danielle Weinschenk, Directorate of Productivity Improvement and Innovation


(2)  Also attending the tour will be:


(3)  Personnel at Lunch will be:



Lunch will be Chicken Caesar Wraps, Pasta Salad, Assorted Potato Chips, Fresh Baked Cookies and Assorted Beverages. Cost will be $9.00 per person.



Point of contact for this Itinerary is Danielle Weinschenk, (570) 615-7418.

Team Tobyhanna – Excellence in Electronics!

Summary – Network Training at RACC 6/5/14

The morning’s training focused on necessary changes to Lean Management Principles.  Mentoring (Managing to Learn – John Shook), Practicing/Communicating (Toyota Kato – Mike Rother) and Idea Systems (Idea-Driven Organizations – Alan Robinson, Dean Schroeder) were the source documents of much of the presentation.  Also discussed were Gemba Walks and Kamishibai Boards.

In attendance were:

Misco Products

Four Seasons Produce

Rose Corporation

Fenner Drives

Thanks to Alan Robinson for donating a few copies of “The Idea-Driven Organization” to attendees.

Our next network event will be Thursday August 7, 2014 when we visit the Shingo Prize winner, Tobyhanna Army Depot – details to follow soon.

June 5, 2014 Overcoming Organizational Obstacles ……making it easier for leaders (CEO, President, COO, Plant Managers) to become involved in daily improvement

Who – targeted to the mid-level or member organizations, up to four per member company

When:  Thursday June 5, 2014 9am to Noon

Where:  Reading Area Community College, Schmidt Training and Technical Center (first floor) 10 S 2nd St, Reading, PA 19603  Phone 610-372-4721

What:  Dwight’s presentation will touch on:  Gemba walks, Improvement and Coaching Kata, Kamishibai (kah-mee-she-bye) boards and system, and idea systems as well as interactive training.

Why?:  Learn how other organizations have been successful in linking top leadership to daily improvement.  After-all, we all notice what the boss notices.

Click here to register

Ideas Presentation by Alan Robinson and Ideas Consortium Opportunity

Setting up and Launching a High-Performance Ideas Process
Unlock the Power of Bottom-up Ideas in Your Business
Act now to attend a 90-minute session and learn how to Unlock the Power of Bottom-up Ideas in Your Business

Wednesday, June 4
9:00—10:30 a.m.
at the

Schmidt Training & Technology Center at Reading Area Community College

Register today; mention
High-Performance Ideas
Call: 610-372-4721 x5716

Investment: $69
(includes free copy of
Alan Robinson’s book
The Idea-Driven Organization)

Payable at the door

Free parking available
in the adjacent parking garage at North Front & Washington Streets, Reading

The employees who interact directly with your customers, make your products, and provide your services are in the best position to see where problems exist and what improvements and new offerings would have the most impact. Every day, front-line employees see many problems and opportunities that their managers do not.

How often do those observations get acted upon in your organization?

The best ideas may come from the bottom, but they have to be systematically solicited from the top.

Most organizations largely ignore the enormous resource in their employee ideas. Either their managers do not realize the power in employee ideas, or they have never learned how to tap this power

Organizations usually do better at suppressing these ideas than promoting them.

Organizations that are not set up to listen to and act on front-line ideas are using at best only a fifth of their improvement engines.

What can you do to overcome that oversight?

Learn how high-performing idea processes work, and how to create an idea-driven organization.

Understand the key principles involved and the benefits you can expect from truly tapping ideas from your front-line people.

Our speaker: Alan Robinson, an internationally recognized expert on idea systems and author who has helped organizations all over the world, design and implement idea systems that allow managers

to implement 20, 50, or even a 100 ideas per person per year effectively.

The Idea Driven Organization


A copy of  Dr. Robinson’s latest book, The Idea-Driven Organization, is included in the price of the information session.

Summary Rose Corporation, May 15, 2014

Submitted by Andrew Bishop who facilitated:

In attendance at Thursday’s meeting hosted by The Rose Corp:
Peiffer Machine
Four Seasons
Green Leaf Plants
Fenner Drives

Tom McDevitt of Rose made an excellent case for the role of communication and a focus on organizational alignment in sustaining a lean deployment.

Those of us who have visited Rose before were impressed by continued improvements on the shop floor and the progression from Rose’s strong 5S deployment to significant improvements in work processes.  Color coding, kitting, vendor engagement in improvements all add up:  “The job is easier now” – Assembly Foreman Emilio G.

Next network meeting Thursday 5/15/14 at Rose Corp.

Where – Rose Corp., 401 N 8th St, Reading, PA 19601,   phone 610-376-5004

When – Thursday May 15, 2004 from 9am to noon

What – “Sustaining Improvement” – Ten years of continuous improvement

Who – 2 attendees per member company  – Please register at this link      REGISTER HERE

Why – Go see and hear what Rose has learned and continues to learn.


Next Network meetings

June 4, 2014 at RACC – Idea-Driven Organizations – a public presentation by Alan Robinson

June 5, 2014 at RACC- Overcoming Organizational Obstacles – Influencing and training Improvement and Coaching Kata

Summary – Gemba Walk Network meeting at Baystate Hospital 4.24.14

If you are interested in how organizations overcome obstacles in a complicated and physically challenging environment you missed a great meeting.

The theme was Standardized Work for Managers and Visual Management but our tour and discussions went well beyond those subjects.

Companies in attendance:

St. Vincents Hospital

OFS Vitel

EIS Wire and Cable

Holyoke Community College.

Next meeting Thursday June 12, 2014 at OFS Fitel

Next Gemba Walk Network meeting, June 12, 2014 at OFS

Where: OFS Fitel, 55 Darling Drive, Avon, CT
Phone (860) 678-0371

When:  Thursday June 12, 2014 from 8:30am to Noon

What: Idea Systems and empowering the workforce for continuous improvement

Who: Maximum of 25 attendees (no consultants please).  All attendees must register.  No opened toed shoes, safety glasses provided.

Why:  Go see and listen to OFS’s story.  While you are there check out their Maintenance Department, a model of effective workplace organization.

All attendees must be registered

To register go to:      Click here to register