LTN tentative schedule for balance of 2016

Lean Thinking Network – Tentative schedule for balance of 2016

Details to follow as our hosts finalize their subjects.


Host                                        Subject                                   Date

Misco Products                      TBD                                         5/19/16

Restek                                     TBD                                         8/11/16

Tobyhanna Army Depot       TBD                                         9/15/16

Four Seasons Produce          Goals/measurement             10/13/16

Inclinator                               Year in review                         11/17/16

Summary LTN meeting at Adhesives Research 4/14/16

Amazing commitment, persistance and focus by the team at Adhesives Research. Once again proving Bruce Hamilton’s moto “everybody, everyday”…..that is what it takes to make a huge impact on an organization.

Today Adhesives Research’s team demonstrated how effective constant attention and measurement can be as they recently celebrated 1700 days without a loss time accident.

The network member guests where wowed by the opportunity to participate in an actual safety audit as well as a job hazard analysis. In the future I plan to help host develop schemes that allow network member guests to participate in an actual activity.

Special thanks to Tom Bezek, Donna Paley and the entire safety committee get a great job presenting and you showing us how they do some other tasks.


  • Rose Corp
  • Misco Products
  • Inclinator
  • Four Seasons Produce
  • Restek
  • Philips Ultrasound

Next meeting will be held May 19, 2016 at Misco Products…..details to follow


Thanks to all for a very informative day.

Next Meeting Thursday April 14, 2016

Where:  Adhesives Research, 400 Seaks Run Road, Glen Rock, PA 17327
Phone: (717) 235-7979

When:  Thursday April 14, 2016 from 9am until Noon.

What:  Safety – See how attention and hard work can create and maintain a very safe workplace.

Who:  Three per member company

Safety:  No opened toed shoes, safety glasses required and available.

Registration is required.  To register please go to:

Next LTN meeting Thursday March 17, 2016 at Tobyhanna Army Depot *POSTPONED*



Where: Tobyhanna Army Depot, 11 Hap Arnold Blvd., Tobyhanna PA 18466

When: Thursday March 17, 2016 arrive by 8:15 as getting through the security gate may take a few minutes.  The meeting will begin promptly at 9:00 am.

There will be a fee for lunch of $9.00 per attendee.

Who:  Up to four attendees per member company.  TO ATTEND YOU MUST REGISTER BY MONDAY MARCH 14, 2016

to register, please go to:

thank you very much

What:  See agenda below

Why:  The Depot has won several Shingo Prizes that alone is a compelling reason to go see.

  Itinerary for the Visit of

Lean Thinking Network

17 Mar 16


0830 Arrival Building 20 Danielle E. Weinschenk, D/Productivity Improvement and Innovation
0900 Lean Six Sigma at Tobyhanna Army Depot Washington Room Mr. Robert Haas, Director, Continuous Process Improvement

See Note 1

0930 Tour – AN/ASM-146/147 Line See Note 2
1130 Working Lunch Lean Six Sigma Room See Note 3
1300 Departure    


Purpose: To benchmark Lean Six Sigma and 6S initiatives at Tobyhanna Army Depot.


Lean Thinking Network attendees will be:





  • Also attending the Lean Six Sigma briefing will be:


Mr. Hiram Gillyard, Chief, Fabrication and Assembly Division, D/Systems Integration and Support

Mr. Michael McKeefery, Chief, Process Improvement Division

Ms. Weinschenk


  • Also attending the tour will be:



  • Personnel at Lunch will be:





Point of contact for this Itinerary is Danielle Weinschenk, (570) 615-7418.

Team Tobyhanna – Excellence in Electronics!


Summary Philips Ultrasound February 25, 2016

Hard work, continuous improvement and a wonderful collective spirit were noticed by all attendees.

Overburden or Muri is the challenge as demand continues to increase while space (in a very well organized plant) is at a premium.

Flow and overall capacity are the primary focus of Dave Lauder, his peers and his team.  This is a great example as to maximization of available space.  You have to see it to understand…….sorry for those who did not attend as you missed this learning opportunity.

Nice discussion of opportunities after the tour.

Great job hosting by Philips and many thanks to Dave Lauder and his team.  And we all enjoyed the pizza provided :-).


  • Rose Corp
  • Misco Products
  • Inclinator
  • Four Seasons Produce
  • Restek

Next meeting will be held March 17 at Tobyhanna Army Depot…..details to follow


Thanks to all for a very informative day.

Next meeting Thursday 2/25/16 at Philips Ultrasound

When9am to 12pm  Thursday February 25, 2016
What – Theme: “Daily Management – problem solving escalation system”  Currently in early implementation phase
Where: Philips Ultrasound
1 Echo Drive
Reedsville PA
TEL: (717) 667-5000
Why:   Opportunity to observe, ask questions and listen to feedback regarding this challenging experiment.  Escalation systems require people to follow guidelines which may not feel comfortable to them.  I can’t wait to learn from this.
Who: Max of 3 attendees per member company

Please help our host by registering.  Click below to do so.Hope to see you thereThank you very much

Summary Rose Corporation 12/10/15

We toured assembly, machining, shipping/receiving and blast/paint in the morning.  Wow!  I have been working with Rose for 11 years and was blown away by the improvements and engagement of the teams.  All tour presentations were provided by those who do the work.  A very, very impressive morning.  Congratulations to all at Rose.

Tom McDevitt and Becky Banks lead our first Safety Forum/Roundtable.  Great input by all.  Becky and Tom were kind enough to followup on some of the groups ideas and will report back to us early next year.  Thank you very much Tom and Becky

Nice job hosting Rose Corporation and thank you very much for feeding us!


  • Tobyhanna Army Depot
  • Misco Products
  • Green Leaf Enterprises
  • Inclinator
  • Adhesives Research

Next meeting will be held in February at Philips Ultrasound – subject “a managers day” (standard work for managers)

In March we visit Tobyhanna Army Depot, also tentatively schedule for 2016: Misco Products, Adhesives Research and Inclinator.


Thanks to all for a very informative day.

Happy Holidays!

Hope to see you in February.

Next LTN meeting – full day Tour and Safety Roundtable

When9am to 4pm  Thursday December 10, 2015
What – Theme: Morning session – Rose’s “house of change”, Afternoon – Safety Roundtable – Rose Corp and Misco will present, followed by interactive discussion, learning and sharing.
Where: Rose Corporation
READING, PA 19612-5208
TEL: 610.376.5004Why:   SAFETY FIRST…..the ultimate statement of respect for everybody, everyday.
Who: Max of 3 attendees per member company

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Hope to see you there

Thank you very much

Summary Green Leaf Plants 11/12/15

From Andrew Bishop taking over in my absence:

Misco, Rose, Inclinator, Adhesives Research and Four Seasons were present at today’s meeting.

We saw a some good things, among them:
·         Lots of visual controls, visual displays and visual work orders,  including visual work orders that are examples of direct connections:  work processes connected by a simple yes/no request and response system
·         Kanbans for make, move and buy
·         “Grower carts” were an example of point-of-use storage where the point of use moves throughout the day
·         And checklists and task sheets helping people  at the front line get through the week, and helping supervisors with daily accountability processes.

We also saw plenty of opportunities for improvement!

Thanks to all participants for the helpful insight.

Wonderful job Andrew, thank you very much.

Andrew L. Bishop
Managing Director
Green Leaf Plants™
2369 Old Philadelphia Pike
Lancaster, PA  17602
Office:  800.233.0285 or 717.299.0300 x 274
Cell:  717.587.4876

Next LTN Meeting reschedule for Thursday November 12, 2015

When9am to noon  Thursday November 12, 2015

What – Theme:  Standardized work (vs. Standard Work) in highly variable work environment

Where:  Green Leaf Plants™
2369 Old Philadelphia Pike
Lancaster, PA  17602

Why:   Green Leaf is always a great tour as Andrew and his team really do continuous improvement.  Come see, ask question and learn.

Who: Max of 3 attendees per member company



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Hope to see you there

Thank you very much