Summary Green Leaf Plants 11/12/15

From Andrew Bishop taking over in my absence:

Misco, Rose, Inclinator, Adhesives Research and Four Seasons were present at today’s meeting.

We saw a some good things, among them:
·         Lots of visual controls, visual displays and visual work orders,  including visual work orders that are examples of direct connections:  work processes connected by a simple yes/no request and response system
·         Kanbans for make, move and buy
·         “Grower carts” were an example of point-of-use storage where the point of use moves throughout the day
·         And checklists and task sheets helping people  at the front line get through the week, and helping supervisors with daily accountability processes.

We also saw plenty of opportunities for improvement!

Thanks to all participants for the helpful insight.

Wonderful job Andrew, thank you very much.

Andrew L. Bishop
Managing Director
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