Summary Rose Corporation 12/10/15

We toured assembly, machining, shipping/receiving and blast/paint in the morning.  Wow!  I have been working with Rose for 11 years and was blown away by the improvements and engagement of the teams.  All tour presentations were provided by those who do the work.  A very, very impressive morning.  Congratulations to all at Rose.

Tom McDevitt and Becky Banks lead our first Safety Forum/Roundtable.  Great input by all.  Becky and Tom were kind enough to followup on some of the groups ideas and will report back to us early next year.  Thank you very much Tom and Becky

Nice job hosting Rose Corporation and thank you very much for feeding us!


  • Tobyhanna Army Depot
  • Misco Products
  • Green Leaf Enterprises
  • Inclinator
  • Adhesives Research

Next meeting will be held in February at Philips Ultrasound – subject “a managers day” (standard work for managers)

In March we visit Tobyhanna Army Depot, also tentatively schedule for 2016: Misco Products, Adhesives Research and Inclinator.


Thanks to all for a very informative day.

Happy Holidays!

Hope to see you in February.

Next LTN meeting – full day Tour and Safety Roundtable

When9am to 4pm  Thursday December 10, 2015
What – Theme: Morning session – Rose’s “house of change”, Afternoon – Safety Roundtable – Rose Corp and Misco will present, followed by interactive discussion, learning and sharing.
Where: Rose Corporation
READING, PA 19612-5208
TEL: 610.376.5004Why:   SAFETY FIRST…..the ultimate statement of respect for everybody, everyday.
Who: Max of 3 attendees per member company

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Hope to see you there

Thank you very much

Summary Green Leaf Plants 11/12/15

From Andrew Bishop taking over in my absence:

Misco, Rose, Inclinator, Adhesives Research and Four Seasons were present at today’s meeting.

We saw a some good things, among them:
·         Lots of visual controls, visual displays and visual work orders,  including visual work orders that are examples of direct connections:  work processes connected by a simple yes/no request and response system
·         Kanbans for make, move and buy
·         “Grower carts” were an example of point-of-use storage where the point of use moves throughout the day
·         And checklists and task sheets helping people  at the front line get through the week, and helping supervisors with daily accountability processes.

We also saw plenty of opportunities for improvement!

Thanks to all participants for the helpful insight.

Wonderful job Andrew, thank you very much.

Andrew L. Bishop
Managing Director
Green Leaf Plants™
2369 Old Philadelphia Pike
Lancaster, PA  17602
Office:  800.233.0285 or 717.299.0300 x 274
Cell:  717.587.4876

Next LTN Meeting reschedule for Thursday November 12, 2015

When9am to noon  Thursday November 12, 2015

What – Theme:  Standardized work (vs. Standard Work) in highly variable work environment

Where:  Green Leaf Plants™
2369 Old Philadelphia Pike
Lancaster, PA  17602

Why:   Green Leaf is always a great tour as Andrew and his team really do continuous improvement.  Come see, ask question and learn.

Who: Max of 3 attendees per member company



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Hope to see you there

Thank you very much

Summary Brentwood Industries 10/15/15

Our first visit to Brentwood Industries gorgeous campus east of Reading.

The focus of the day was 8D problem solving.  During the tour we spent quite a bit of time asking the people doing the work to discuss the process.

Good feedback with respect to the process.  Those questioned appreciated being included in problem solving and being a part of the counter measures used to resolve issues.  Lots of smiles!

Nice job Brentwood Industries, especially Gretchen, and thank you for hosting.


  • Four Seasons Produce
  • Tobyhanna Army Depot
  • Misco Products
  • Green Leaf Enterprises
  • Restek Inclinator
  • Adhesives Research

Next meeting will be held in November at Green Leaf……..still sorting through the date with Andrew.

Thanks to all for a very informative day.


Next LTN meeting THE AFTERNOON of October 15, 2015

Who – Max of 3 per member company

What – Problem solving using 8D

The 8D steps and tools used are as follows:

D0: Prepare for the 8D
D1: Form a Team
D2: Describe the Problem
D3: Interim Containment Action
D4: RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and Escape Point
D5: Permanent Corrective Action
D6: Implement and Validate
D7: Prevention
D8: Closure and Team Celebration

When1pm to 4pm Thursday November 15, 2015

Where:  Brentwood Industries (see directions below)

Why:   This is our network’s first chance to tour Brentwood Industries, who have a story of team problem solving to show and tell.

The Agenda

1:00  – 1:15           Welcome (Gretchen)
Introductions/Discussion (Dwight)
1:15 – 1:30           Who we are (Dwayne)
1:30 – 1:45           8D Introduction (Henry) – how long we’ve been doing it, struggles to implement, what went well & what didn’t
2:00 – 3:15           Plant tour – we may be able to have the 8D groups present their info along the tour, if possible, rather than in the room.
3:15 – 4:00           Review & recommendations (Dwight / Gretchen)

Directions to our facility:
GPS Directions:
You’ll want to use 610 Morgantown Road, Reading, PA  19611 – NOT 621 Brentwood Drive.
610 Morgantown Road will take you directly across the street from Brentwood Drive.
(Unfortunately, due to the GPS satellite systems, if you use the 621 address you will end up in a residential area two towns away.)

Directions from Philadelphia International:
Use 95 South (Approx. 5.5 miles) to 476 North (Approx. 16.5 miles) to 76 West (Approx. 33 miles) to 76 wests Turnpike to 176 North (Approx.  8 miles) to Route 10 North (Morgantown Road), follow for approximately 13.5 miles.  Brentwood Drive will be on your right.  GPS usually sends people on smaller roads with lots of traffic lights.  This will add as much as an additional hour onto what should be a 1.5 hour trip.

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Hope to see you there

Thank you very much

Summary Inclinator September 3, 2015

The networks first visit to Inclinator who has recently begun their continuous improvement journey.  We saw lots of progress and tons of opportunity.

We were all impressed by the enthusiasm demonstrated by everyone we spoke with.  Inclinator’s future looks very bright with this level of employee buy in.

Thanks to everyone at Inclinator who help make the morning successful.

In attendance:

Four Seasons Produce

Misco Products

Tobyhanna Army Depot

Green Leaf Enterprises


Next meeting the afternoon of Thursday 10/15 to visit Brentwood Industries for the first time.  More info to follow.

Lean Thinking Network’s schedule through December 2015

Details to follow.  All events, except for October at Brentwood Industries, begin at 9am ending by noon.

Date           Host                                        Subject

9/3/15      Inclinator                                Beginning the journey

10/15/15  Brentwood Industries           TBD – *this event will begin at 1pm ending at 4pm

11/5/15     Green Leaf Enterprises        TBD

12/10/15  Rose Corporation                  TBD

Hope to see you all at these great opportunities to see, hear and question improvement and it’s challenges.

Summary: Tour of Martin Guitar August 13, 2015

Facilitated and reported by Andrew Bishop – thank you for doing a great job Andrew!

C. F. Martin & Co. were very generous with us.  We were not given the run-of-the-mill tour, but were guided through the process by Gene Hracho, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, who had a wealth of insight into process and also joined us for post-tour debriefing.  I offered Gene an “out”, but he was agreeable to participating in our “best practice/opportunity for improvement” recitation in the conference room post-tour.

The only weakness in our feedback to him resulted from some of us being “starstruck” (Becky Banks’ words) by the fascinating processes and iconic brand, and consequently blinded to flaws!

Integration of the high-tech manufacturing methods with timeless craft was really fun to see – shaping a tone bar by hand with a chisel without marking or guide a few feet from lasers cutting out parts with a flash and a puff of smoke.  There was a lot of good attention to ergonomics and safety and lots of creativity displayed by manufacturing support groups creating and maintaining machines, tools and jigs.

The major opportunities observed related to pathways and flow – spaghetti maps that could feed a family and lots of WIP on racks (between stations?  Hard to tell with the lack of clarity in pathways).  Nothing that we haven’t seen at our Network partners – and no surprise to Gene.

Attendees represented Misco Products, Four Seasons Produce, Restek, Brentwood, and Green Leaf Plants.

Next meeting Thursday September 3, 2015 at Inclinator in Harrisburg.  For details and to register (a requirement), please go to:

Next Network Meeting – Tour Martin Guitars August 13, 2015

News from Andrew Bishop…

We are booked for a tour at Martin Guitar, 9:00 Thursday, August 13.  They do tour groups of 15, so if we get more than 15, we will have two tours, with the second group starting at 9:10.  Our upper limit is 30; no loss if we turn up with 15 or less.   They asked that we give them a firm head count a few days in advance, so I’d suggest closing registration for the LTN on Monday afternoon, August 10.

There is a $3 charge per head.

Tour lasts an hour.

I invited the tour coordinator to address an invitation to their operations management to hear “post-tour” comments from us, having pointed out that we are a group of “critical friends” in manufacturing who offer this service to each other on a rotating basis.

I’ve got a couple of recommendations for a post-tour gathering, but I’m HOPING that they will bite on my invitation to join us for post-tour and then offer us a meeting room!

Corporate Offices

C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.
510 Sycamore Street
P. O. Box 329
Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time
(excluding national US holidays). Holiday/Shutdown Schedule

Phone: 610-759-2837

Registration is a requirement for attendance.  REGISTRATION CLOSED.

Thank you very much