Summary LTN meeting at Misco Products 5/19/16

Misco Products is into their sixteenth year of continuous improvement.  Today we look at another experiment they are undertaking: creating a quick response Quality Management team.  Over the years Misco has gained market share by developing process velocity……significantly reducing lead-time.  In recent years the company has decided to significantly expand their product offerings.  Speed and complexity create daily challenges.

The focus of today’s meeting was the number five cell which requires operators to select matching nozzles and fill tubes.  The network was asked observe this condition.  After directly observing the condition, we discussed many possible options, as countermeasures, in the debrief.

I was delighted to see evidence of Misco’s aggressive approach to continuous improvement.  It is obvious Misco is continuously experimenting and continuously learning.

Our thanks to Misco Products, especially Becky Banks, for hosting a compelling event.  Great job Misco!!!

In attendance:

Adhesives Research

Four Season Produce

Brentwood Industries

Rose Corporation


Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, August 11 at Restek.

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