Summary LTN meeting at Fenner Drive 10/9/14

The network was very impressed by the amazing job Chad Enck and his team preformed in preparation and implementation of their department move.  In addition to getting everything in the best location to support flow and reduce process waste, the department missed ZERO shipments during the move.  Yes, they moved an entire department and missed no shipments with little overtime.  Applied logistics and hard work at its best.

Thank again to Chad and everyone at Fenner who participated or supported their move and then hosted our network.

Member companies in attendance:

  • Four Seasons Produce
  • Misco Products
  • Adhesives Research
  • Peiffer Machine
  • Green Leaf Enterprises
  • Restek

Prospective members/guests

  • Tobyhanna Army Depot
  • Brentwood Industries


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