Network meeting Wednesday October 29, 2014 at MSC

I am truly delighted to announce October 29th as our date to visit the world-class MSC distribution center

Where – 100 MSC Drive, Jonestown, PA 17038  phone (717) 865-5888

When – Wednesday October 29, 2014 – arrive 8:30am, begin at 9am depart at noon


9 – 9:30am – Each attendee introduces themselves, their company and what aspect of continuous improvement they are currently engaged.


9:30am – 10am -Host company presents, brief background info, then more specific description of their selected lean/continuous improvement subject (such as 5S, Kanban, TPM, Pull/Flow, etc)

10 – 11:30 – Go see operations, with focus on process improvement and opportunities for improvement, not how the “widgets” are made.


11:30 – Noon – Guests offer, based on processes observed, one process they liked and one opportunity for improvement (no cheap shots allowed).

Why – this is a continuously improving distribution center.  8 years ago we visited and came away with many ideas, and implemented more than a few.  These folks understand flow velocity as well as anyone. It is difficult to not take away some powerful ideas from this tour.

Who – Max of 3 attendees from each network member

MSC has requested we submit the company and attendee name by Monday 10/27/14

to register go to:

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