Creating a Favorable Environment for Continuous Improvement – part 2 – Trust


Competing Part 2 Trust

A favorable environment for continuous improvement is a trusting environment an environment where people feel they can take a chance and occasionally make mistakes. an environment where when a mistake is made the results are not public embarrassment or humiliation.  With the equal partners of empowerment and accountability in the background, this environment is sustained by an “I got your back” theme.  In other words, this environment uses the scientific method, plan do check act, allowing members the constant opportunity to experiment with improvement.

Without trust this environment is virtually impossible to create.  We feel trust when we can predict how someone will react and that they will react in a fair and empathetic manner.  If we cannot trust how someone will react to a situation suspicion will be the primary influencer of our reaction, a reaction based on fear and survival.

An environment without trust has high-cost, high frustration, high turnover and diminishes the total output of the business.

Trust is earned, do what you say, make your actions support your words. Reduce costs, improve quality create a better place to work.

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