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Creating a Favorable Environment for Continuous Improvement

Part 1. Respect: it’s costs and it’s value

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
– Maya Angelou

We need an environment where everyone is allowed and invited to be engaged in the process, one where empowerment and accountability are equal partners and where people feel they add value, are needed and trusted, an environment favorable for continuous improvement.

How do we know when we don’t have respect in the workplace and what are the effects?

  1. People and their ideas are devalued
  2. Accomplishments are trivialize
  3. People are not listened to
  4. People are excluded
  5. Ideas, energy and support are lost
  6. Morale is low

How can we create respect in the workplace?

According to the Gale Group Respect is:

  1. Take the time to know me.
  2. Spend time with me.
  3. Let me talk.
  4. Hear me out.
  5. Give me the opportunity to be involved in worthwhile projects.
  6. Praise my accomplishments when due.
  7. I need more than a one-time handshake.

Respect and the feeling of being respected emerge as high-quality relationships are built. And so it is in the workplace. If leaders do not lead the way–taking time to really get to know the people they work with–lack of respect will continue to undermine organizational health and effectiveness.

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  1. Chad Enck

    excellent topic well done, Dwight! it is the most important thing we can do as leaders!

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