Interview with Andrew Bishop of Yoder Brothers Greenhouses


Listen to how a greenhouse is effectively using lean tools.


  1. Andy Rogish

    This is really a great summary of Lean applied to a non-manufacturing organization and to an organic, perishable product with long lead times. Very innovative and insightful.

  2. Charlie Miller

    Your “acting” skills leave something to be desired. Fortunately you are better in person. Andew seems to have his act together.
    I really liked the idea of having a kaizan group report to the whole company. I will try this at my year end meeting with all employees.
    Also, and I know Ed agrees, we will try again to come up with a newsletter here. How often do most people publish?


  3. Andrew Bishop

    Our newsletter is quarterly – time enough to accumulate some good success stories, and to give authors and editor a breather between issues.


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