The Stages of Lean and the Art of Kaizen… Podcast


Lean implementation is difficult. Perhaps these hints will be useful.


  1. Rick Kettering

    Hi there. I believe the presentation was done well. It had good structure and a well thought out material flow, in short ,it made sence and brought an ongoing problem to light. It gave the solution in a no nonsence matter. Good job!! One last comment just from me because I watched the screen for at least the beginning of the talks and found myself hypnotized by the grafics on the screen instead of paying attention to the data presentation. You might want to concider something different to watch, maybe even you, to hold the audiences attension. Use that for what it is worth. Are you planning to market this or is it just for your groups? R.

  2. Tony Byrne

    Nice easy communication of what the reality of lean is. We have experienced many of the stages that you have discussed in our lean journey. The stage 4 “something” goes wrong can be as big as what we experienced on our raw material supply and costs after the hurricanes of 2005. It is comforting to know that many “lean” organizations have had similar ups and downs, but hard work will turn failure into success.

    Thank you for the simple saying “everybody, everyday” 2 simple words that in combination mean so much!!

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