5S Best Practices

Perhaps your company is implementing 5S and finding the process challenging.

Resistance to 5S is frequently cultural………..”Hey, we don’t have time to clean up”……..or…..”auditing our facility and organizing and cleaning up each day will increase cost and reduce productivity”.

Most companies find the 5S process difficult, especially when sales are strong.

So how can you motivate your team to see the value and embrace the process?

Visit a local fire department.

For them 5S (they will probably call it “common sense”), is a necessity.

They are in the life and property protection business. Delays can cost lives, therefore delays are not tolerated in their system.  They have sorted and eliminated the unnecessary, straighten up what is left, cleaned and shined their equipment to insure functionality, standardized their processes to do so and than sustain the process through physical audits (formal or informal).

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