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Competing – John Shook – Toyota Culture Part 1


Today Competing welcomes John Shook. John learned about lean while working for ten years with Toyota, helping the company transfer its production, engineering, and management systems from Japan to its overseas affiliates and suppliers. This real world experience in implementing lean principles throughout an organization gives him extraordinary insights into the challenges faced by those… Read more »

Welcome to the Lean Thinking Network, Philips Ultrasound.

I am delighted to introduce the networks newest member, Philips Ultrasound, Reedsville, PA. The Reedsville facility employees 300 and is a member of Philip’s medical division. Lean first was introduced to the Reedsville facility a few years ago and was reinvigorated when Six-Sigma blackbelt Neil Millar witnessed the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnerships “Introduction to Lean”… Read more »

Summary of Network Meeting at Rose Corp April 10, 2008

The networks first experience with web-based videocast allowed us to bring Dr. Steven Spear from Mass. to the Rose Corp. in Reading PA. With some minor issues, technology served us well. Rose presented their new, aggressive company-wide, continuous improvement program, then we conferenced with Dr. Spear, followed by some “go see” opportunities at Rose. During… Read more »

Administrative Standardized Work

From Dan Markovitz, who we interviewed late last year: “You can look at Standard Work in terms of individual processes, too, not just the whole business process.

Summary of Network Meeting at Adhesives Research 3-27-08

Our first visit to Adhesives Research and we were not dissapointed (except for those members companies who were absent). The 6S focus is serving this large (300+ employees and 400,000+ square feet) operation well. The tour made it obvious that A.R.’s hard work on culture is reaping rewards. Dr. Lean and the internally produced 6S… Read more »

Reminder…..and News

1. Next Thursday we meet at Adhesives Research in Glen Rock PA . go to : 2. LETTERKENNY ARMY DEPOT – Network tour tentatively scheduled for Thursday July 10th. Letterkenny has won two regional Shingo prizes and has applied again in 2008 for the North American award. Go to: 3. APRIL 10TH at Rose… Read more »


Tell a person to do something and wait to see if they will do it. 1 out of 10 may do it. You will have to force the other 9. Ask a person to do something and wait to see if they will do it. 3 out of 10 may do it. You will have… Read more »

Competing – Networks


What’s the big deal about networks? Why should we join a network of companies with common interests? What’s in it for me and my company? Let’s suppose your company is interesting in pursuing “lean” or the Toyota Production and Management System. Maybe you are working with an “external consultant” or have used your own internal… Read more »