Summary LTN meeting at Brentwood Industries May 17, 2018

Many thanks to Gretchen Kusmierz, Leroy Barton, Zach Meredick, Justin Smith, Henry Ramsey, Rich Maguire and the entire Brentwood team for hosting such a successful event.

Fascinating and engaging day for our group, Four Seasons Produce and Restek, at Brentwood Industries.

The day’s objective was to analysis a machine setup and suggest countermeasures to reduce the time from 14 hours to 7 hours.

It is wonderful to observe the power and effectiveness of collective thinking/ team problem solving.

We look forward to hearing how Brentwood’s team proceeds with this experiment. I believe the 7 hour target can be surpassed.

Next meeting Tuesday, June 19th at Raymond Corp.  Don’t miss this one


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