Summary LTN meeting 10/13/16 at Four Seasons

Many of us have been confronted with a challenge to improve productivity and lower costs in a specific area.  I believe it is natural to pinpoint the weakest links in that “system” , then quickly begin working to make improvements.  Often, this process is managed top down, because “we are smarter and more experienced with improvement than the people doing the work”, and after all, we need these improvments FAST.

Maybe there is a better, sustainable way to the same goal.  It may be slower, but it is better, as improvement with inclusion often leads to goals being easily achieved and opportunities appearing everywhere.  Perhaps, the people doing the work know much more about the real problems and how to fix them.  This is what the team at Four Seasons Produce did with their packaging Pod #1.  An amazing story of how to do continuous improvement…….

Thanks again to the April, Erin, Dave and Jose, Mike, Tina and Jadeira (and the entire team including the second shift) who work in Pod #1.

An overwhelmingly good day.

Companies attending

  • Inclinator
  • Misco
  • Brentwood
  • Adhesives Research

Next meeting Thursday November 17, 2016 at Inclinator.  Details to follow.

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