Summary LTN meeting at Tobyhanna Army Depot 9/22/16

Walking in to the “Lean/Continuous Improvement” conference room at Tobyhanna Army Depot, I was struck by the SEVEN Shingo Prize awarded to the depot.  I was then told they are pushing to win their eighth prize in 2017.  An impressive commitment to continuous improvement, their customers (soldiers in harms way), their people and to the competitiveness of the depot.

As usual, the tour of a small portion of the enormous depot was fascinating.  Michael McKeefry and his team first took us to “Hiriam’s department”.  Hiriam and his team have turned  their department around through the effective application of their collective thinking and effort.  Great psychological climate (no blame and respect) = engaged associates = lots of ideas = (accountability) continuous improvement.  Great work Hiriam and team.

We were also taken to an area being challenged by issues of purchased parts availability and quality…..two indicators of instability.  It was very interesting to hear the daily focus John Ross and his team have mitigating problems one by one…… exhausting and extremely difficult job as new problems continue to pop up.

Watching the turret operate in the “CROWS” department was fun and help us focus on the need for the depot and appreciation of the entire facilities efforts.


In attendance:

  • Four Seasons Produce
  • Rose Corporation
  • Brentwood Industries

Our next two meetings are:

Four Seasons Produce 10/13/16

Inclinator 11/17/16

Details to follow


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