Raymond Corporation Tour Summary

LTN team

Here we are at Raymond Corporation a Toyota owned manufacturer of forklifts, lift trucks and Material Handling Solutions.

Our gracious and humble hosts took us deep into their facility to watch how they do their work and train operators in the best current way to do the work.  The training philosophy and concept at Raymond are as good as I have witnessed, respectful and accountable.

Most of us felt as if we could absorb only a small portion of the massive array of visuals, measures, practices, approach to a line stoppage etc.  As a result, both Raymond and our network agreed that a followup visit in a year or so would be of benefit.  If you missed Tuesdays tour, I would strongly encourage you to attend next years visit to Raymond Corp.

In attendance:

  • Adhesives Research
  • Four Seasons Produce
  • Brentwood Industries
  • Misco Products
  • Tobyhanna Army Depot

Thanks to all in attendance for making this one of our best meetings.  Special thanks to our Erin Edwards for making the contact, Rick Harrington, Paula Winner, Liz Buza, Tony Topencik and Peter Saladis for making this day a success.

Our August 11 meeting at Restek has been cancelled.

Our next scheduled meeting is at Tobyhanna Army Depot Thursday September 15, 2016.  Details to follow.

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