Next LTN meeting THE AFTERNOON of October 15, 2015

Who – Max of 3 per member company

What – Problem solving using 8D

The 8D steps and tools used are as follows:

D0: Prepare for the 8D
D1: Form a Team
D2: Describe the Problem
D3: Interim Containment Action
D4: RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and Escape Point
D5: Permanent Corrective Action
D6: Implement and Validate
D7: Prevention
D8: Closure and Team Celebration

When1pm to 4pm Thursday November 15, 2015

Where:  Brentwood Industries (see directions below)

Why:   This is our network’s first chance to tour Brentwood Industries, who have a story of team problem solving to show and tell.

The Agenda

1:00  – 1:15           Welcome (Gretchen)
Introductions/Discussion (Dwight)
1:15 – 1:30           Who we are (Dwayne)
1:30 – 1:45           8D Introduction (Henry) – how long we’ve been doing it, struggles to implement, what went well & what didn’t
2:00 – 3:15           Plant tour – we may be able to have the 8D groups present their info along the tour, if possible, rather than in the room.
3:15 – 4:00           Review & recommendations (Dwight / Gretchen)

Directions to our facility:
GPS Directions:
You’ll want to use 610 Morgantown Road, Reading, PA  19611 – NOT 621 Brentwood Drive.
610 Morgantown Road will take you directly across the street from Brentwood Drive.
(Unfortunately, due to the GPS satellite systems, if you use the 621 address you will end up in a residential area two towns away.)

Directions from Philadelphia International:
Use 95 South (Approx. 5.5 miles) to 476 North (Approx. 16.5 miles) to 76 West (Approx. 33 miles) to 76 wests Turnpike to 176 North (Approx.  8 miles) to Route 10 North (Morgantown Road), follow for approximately 13.5 miles.  Brentwood Drive will be on your right.  GPS usually sends people on smaller roads with lots of traffic lights.  This will add as much as an additional hour onto what should be a 1.5 hour trip.

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Hope to see you there

Thank you very much

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