Summary: Tour of Martin Guitar August 13, 2015

Facilitated and reported by Andrew Bishop – thank you for doing a great job Andrew!

C. F. Martin & Co. were very generous with us.  We were not given the run-of-the-mill tour, but were guided through the process by Gene Hracho, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, who had a wealth of insight into process and also joined us for post-tour debriefing.  I offered Gene an “out”, but he was agreeable to participating in our “best practice/opportunity for improvement” recitation in the conference room post-tour.

The only weakness in our feedback to him resulted from some of us being “starstruck” (Becky Banks’ words) by the fascinating processes and iconic brand, and consequently blinded to flaws!

Integration of the high-tech manufacturing methods with timeless craft was really fun to see – shaping a tone bar by hand with a chisel without marking or guide a few feet from lasers cutting out parts with a flash and a puff of smoke.  There was a lot of good attention to ergonomics and safety and lots of creativity displayed by manufacturing support groups creating and maintaining machines, tools and jigs.

The major opportunities observed related to pathways and flow – spaghetti maps that could feed a family and lots of WIP on racks (between stations?  Hard to tell with the lack of clarity in pathways).  Nothing that we haven’t seen at our Network partners – and no surprise to Gene.

Attendees represented Misco Products, Four Seasons Produce, Restek, Brentwood, and Green Leaf Plants.

Next meeting Thursday September 3, 2015 at Inclinator in Harrisburg.  For details and to register (a requirement), please go to:

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