Next Lean Thinking Network Meeting Thursday April 10, 2014 @ Philips

Philips Where: 1 Echo Dr, Reedsville, PA 17084 phone 717-667-5000 Dave Lauder is our contact

When:  Thursday April 10, 2014 from 9am until Noon

What:  The A3 process, improving standard work in a large work cell……..go see and discuss the powerful results.

Who: 2 attendees per member company.  This meeting is designed for advanced lean learners.

Why:  A success story with standard work and A3!  Philips has targeted and achieved improvement in this cell three times.


9:00-9:30     Arrival/Introductions

9:30-10:30    A3 Standard Work Methodology

10:30-10:45   Break

10:45-11:30   Lensing A3 (manufacturing), and other examples as required (we have some transactional A3’s that may also interest the group)

11:30-12:00  Gemba Walk in the Lensing cell (space limited to 5 per group – not sure how many groups we will need.

12:00-1:00   Delta Review with pizza


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Upcoming schedule:

May 15, 2014 at Rose Corp.  subject to be determined.

June 5, 2014 – training day at RACC – Coaching Up – overcoming organization obstacles will be presented by Dwight Bowen

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