Summary LTN meeting 1/10/13 @ Fenner Drive

Tom Bezek’s meeting report:  (THANK YOU TOM)

We had a great LTN meeting at Fenner Drives this morning.  It was held at their Lancaster facility which they moved into over the summer.  They have moved their extrusion line from the Manheim facility in order to free up space for growth.  Here is a summary of the meeting:


  • ACT – 3
  • Adhesives research – 1
  • Fenner Drives – 5
  • Greenleaf – 1
  • Gretchen K. – 1
  • Misco – 3
  • Restek – 3
  • Rose Corp – 1

The meeting started around 9:30 am with a welcome and overview of Fenner Drives given by their plant Manager (Alita).  A tour was then given by Chad Enck – Operations Manager assisted by Scott Beck – CI Leader and Steve  ? – Manufacturing supervisor.  Following the tour we reassembled in the conference room and an outstanding overview of their Customer Feedback log was given by Keith Aument – Quality Manager.  Following a question and answer period, attendees shared their observations from the tour, both positives and ideas for improvement.  I announced the February meeting will be held at Rose Corp. on Thursday February 14th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and will include a Skype video session with Meryl Runion Rose late morning and a training session in the afternoon led by Dwight Bowen.  Tom McDevitt asked that topic ideas for the afternoon be sent to him and he will get in touch with you to decide on a topic.  The meeting concluded at approximately 11:50 am.

Some observations:

  • Having a start time of 9-9:30 am seems to have a positive effect on attendance
  • Member companies are sending different people from various areas of their companies – Restek and Misco sent operators, Restek sent an engineer, a sales person, and an operator
  • A lot of sharing of ideas occurred both during the tour and back in the conference room

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