Competing Interview with Dan Markovitz


Today’s podcast explores an area of Lean potential just beginning to gain momentum. Competing’s guest is Dan Markovitz founder and President of Time Back Management, a consulting firm that focuses on improving efficiency by applying lean manufacturing principles to knowledge workers and in the forefront of expanding the possibilities and scope of lean application.

Time Back Management’s client list includes American Express, W.L Gore Inc., Univ Calif S.F. Medical Center and the Lean Enterprize Institute (LEI).

Dan will be speaking at the Lean Transformation Summit in Orlando FL in March

Rachel Regen of the Lean Institute suggested I contact Dan and interview him for a podcast.

Listen to this brief podcast to hear Dan’s responses.

Welcome to Competing Podcasts Dan and Happy Holidays to you and our listeners.

1. When beginning with a new service company or the administrative branch of any company, many of us typically start with an administrative value steam mapping event. How do you get started with a new company?

2. Tell us about the “Worklean” process.

3. What value does “Worklean” bring to it’s users?

4. What are some effective measures for knowledge worker or knowledge systems performance?

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