Interview with John Kravontka


Does your equipment always work when you need it? What do losses from equipment maintenance issues cost your people and company? Take 13+ minutes and listen to an expert address these questions.

John Kravontka is President of Fuss & O’Neil Manufacturing Solutions, LLC, is a training specialist, maintenance professional, and Continuous Improvement Consultant. John has more than 34 years of troubleshooting and rebuild/retrofit experience, with all types of machine, tools and equipment.

I was first introduced to John through his DVD ‚ÄúTotal Productive Maintenance Later, I was able to speak with him in October at the Northeast Shingo Prize Conference in Boston where John’s presentation focused on the hidden losses caused by machine stoppages.

How good is machine reliability in the U.S.A.?

What industries have high machine reliability?

What do they measure?

TPM……..what’s in it for us?

What are the six major equipment losses?

How do you recommend we get started with TPM?

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