Lean Video Reviews – Competing August 2007


I think it is very important that the lean community shares what works and what doesn’t. This podcast will focus on three videos that work for my practice and will likely work for your company be it manufacturing, distribution, or service. All three videos were produced by The Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership www.gbmp.org

“Toast Kaizen” brings kaizen to the kitchen. Shingo’s Seven Wastes are the tops and GBMP’s President Bruce Hamilton humorously demonstrates the seven wastes.

After stopping the video to allow the audience to discuss possible counter-measures, Bruce explains and applies counter-measures to create the “desired condition”

A very effective introduction or review of kaizen in less than 35 minutes

“Moments of Truth” discusses the people side of lean, which after all, is 90% people and 10% tools. This is a must see video for leadership and management.

This video does a wonderful job of describing the difficulty and possibilities of “changing the state of mind” of any group of people.

Explains that Management’s/Supervisors interactions with employees either assists of diminishes the flow of ideas and gives examples of failed and successful management/employee interactions

Kaizen is not effective when it is driven from the top down and does not work without employee involvement.

“No” is an idea killer..present and future.

“Total Productive Maintenance” seeing the invisible.


Wasted Maintenance

Method to approach zero equipment stoppages

Breakdowns are 10x the cost of preventive maintenance

The 4 phases of maintenance excellence

80% of equipment breakdowns are from contamination and improper lubrication

Suggestions of Visuals to improve PM

The 6 major equipment losses

Importance of maintaining equipment failure history

Suggestions for spare parts

Issues with calendar based maintenance

Standard work for maintenance

How to get started with a Total Productive Maintenance system at your facility.

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  1. Tom Gerencer

    Hi Dwight.

    I produced all 3 videos for Bruce Hamilton and GBMP. It was nice to hear what you thought of them. (I put a lot of work into the writing of them as well as the shooting and editing.) It was nice to get the positive feedback.

    What other videos would you like to see? (They could be for lean or for anything.)


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