Summary, Network Meeting at Yoder Brothers, January 11, 2007

Discussion topics included:

Flow, waste & workplace layouts
Key performance measures and indicators (A3 forms)
Bi-monthly round-table meetings
Standup meetings (Gemba)
Working on the right things and having fun

We toured the facility and watched their recently developed “stick cell” functioning very well four weeks after start-up.

A very valuable meeting for all in attendance.

Next meeting will be in late February at Remcon Plastics Inc…..details to follow.

Over twenty members attended…..the group welcome it’s newest member, UtiliTech Inc represented today by Steve Bobick and Ian Bowman

Attending member companies:

Misco Products
The Rose Corporation
Yoder Brothers (our host)
Insinger Machine
Remcon Plastics
American LaFrance Inc.


Clean Burn Inc.
Reading Powder Coatings, Inc.

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  1. Andrew Bishop

    My thanks to the network members for their participation in last week’s session at Yoder Brothers. You held up the mirror and we have seen ourselves a little bit better!

    An experience like this, getting feedback on our opportunities for improvement and also hearing what our colleagues see as best practices in our operation, is tremendously valuable – one to help us adjust, where we are not at the standard we should be, and the other inspiring us to standardize best practices.

    PDCA – every level, every process, every day!


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