Muda Hunting License

The Muda Hunting License concept was developed to further support our networks lean journey by recognizing the “muda or waste ” identification and elimination efforts of our members.

In order to be effective I believe this “system” must:

  1. Be simple to manage, participate in and administer
  2. Reward significant, robust and measurable improvements
  3. Provide a motivating opportunity to celebrate; true successes, with our network members

Lean transition take decades so let’s use this as an opportunity to celebrate the many, many steps our journey will require.

To qualify for a “Hunting License” a company member (we will recognize companies only) must:

  1. Document the “current state” and reason for selecting this situation to “Kaizen” including current performance measures
  2. Document the root cause of the problem
  3. Implement countermeasures
  4. Plan-Do-Check-Act – measure, adjust through kaizen activities, measuring performance
  5. Standardize the improved process
  6. Document the improved performance
  7. Develop and present the plan to continuously improve the process

Some options for the license approval process are:

The applicant company will present its case to:

  1. Attendees at a network meeting who will decide
  2. A committee of network members, chaired by me, who will decide
  3. Me and I decide

Only member companies (or when appropriate facilities) need apply

This is our program, by us and for us, please voice your opinions. I am certain this process can be more powerful, enriching and fun and that your ideas can fuel that improvement.



  1. Andrew Bishop


    I’m not sure I need recognition for my successes – I need to have opportunities (weak spots) pointed out to me, but believe me, I see the successes and brag enough about them.

    What I think we need is continued support for front line recognition – so I’m thinking more of the “buckeyes on the helmet for a good play” model than the Certificate of Achievement for the company.

    Maybe for the company/plant level, the network could do mutual assessments (i’ve seen a couple of self administered ones, modeled on the Shingo evaluation). What a great way to get on each others’ case in a structured, constructive way. Then we recognize/honor high scores and significant progress?


  2. John Kreps

    I think the license is a great idea. The application should come before the group for approval. When the canidate’s achievement is acceepted the group should hold a brief award ceremony at our monthly meetings.

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