Network best practices – visit each other, observe, question and listen.

Fenner Drives’ Workplace Organization Program

On May 23rd, 2013, members of The Rose Corporation were invited to tour Fenner Drives’ facility in Manheim, Pennsylvania.  The purpose of this tour was to demonstrate 6S principles being implemented at Fenner Drives, and exchange lean network ideas with members of The Rose Corporation.  The Rose Corporation picked up many new ideas throughout the tour, particularly a demonstration of Fenner Drives’ scoring system used during their 6S audits.  Similar to Fenner Drives, The Rose Corporation performs a weekly audit of its facility.  Auditors observe different areas of the plant and note any 6S violations (as well as any best practices observed).  However, The Rose Corporation currently has no audit scoring system in place.  Following Fenner Drives’ principles, The Rose Corporation plans to implement scores into its weekly audit.  This will allow employees of The Rose Corporation to gauge their Lean efforts much more easily, which in turn, will motivate those same employees to strive for a more powerful 6S workplace.

There is no need to wait for a network meeting.  Call a member company and setup a time to visit and learn.

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