Network meeting summary 2/14 @ Rose Corp.

Great job by Rose Corp’s team hosting our meeting.  They have created a significant amount of  additional space and order in their large facilities since our last visit in late 2011.  The theme of the day was sustaining the continuous improvement process.  My thanks to Tom McDevitt for his excellent job telling the story of continuous improvement at Rose Corp, warts and all.

In attendance were:

  1. Misco Products
  2. Peiffer Machine (who provided our breakfast) 🙂
  3. Adhesives Research
  4. ACT
  5. Fenner Drive
  6. Restek
  7. Rose Corp (our host)

and two potential network members

  • Videon – who has agreed to host our next meeting in early April
  • The Standards Group

In addition to the morning facility tour, attendees were treated to a 30 minute videocast with Meryl Runion focusing on effective expressions to help communicate and sustain a favorable environment for continuous improvement.  Great job Meryl!

Afternoon training was provided by Dwight and spoke to “Reinvigorating a stale process”

Thanks to everyone involved helping us deliver this sharing event.

Details of our next meeting will be available soon.



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