Summary, Misco Products 2/5/15

Exciting morning at Misco yesterday.  The subject of the meeting was “engagement”.  In a people based system, like continuous improvement, gaining allies is the most important thing we can do.  Without allies, and lots of them, making and sustaining improvement is nearly impossible.  This subject will be further discussed at our next meeting, March 12th at Four Seasons Produce.

In attendance:



Adhesives Research

Four Seasons Produce

Thanks to everyone at Misco who helped make the morning interesting, informative and fun.

Next network meeting Thursday 2/5/15 at Misco Products

The Lean Thinking Network welcomes 2015 by announcing our first meeting of the year.

Where:  Misco Products, 1048 Stinson Drive, Reading PA 19605, phone 610-926-4106

When:  Thursday February 5, 2015 from 9am until Noon.

What:  The subject and the tour will focus on Employee Empowerment

Who:  Three per member company (we will have some additional room, please contact me for additional attendee registration)

Safety:  No opened toed shoes, safety glasses required and available

Registration is required.  To register please go to:

Summary LTN meeting at Restek, 12/4/14

We last visited Restek in November of 2013 and in that year attendees noticed significant improvement and involvement.  Good work Restek!  Renewing the energy of continuous improvement program is not easy.  Leadership pushed and the people responded very well.

For the first time, we were able to see the entire operations in the facility.  Improving workplace organization and gaining space has been accomplished through the renewed efforts of Restek’s team.

Attending companies:


Adhesives Researeh

Green Leaf

Our first meeting of 2015 will be in early February at Misco.  The date and subject will be determined in the next few weeks and you will be informed.

Adhesives Research and Green Leaf have agreed to host in 2015.  We need more hosts to make this our best year yet.  I will be contacting all members to discuss.

Happy Holidays

Next LTN meeting December 4, 2014 at Restek

Where – Restek Corporation, 110 Benner Circle, Bellefonte, PA:  phone 814-353-1300

When – Thursday December 4, 2014 arrive 8:30, begin 9:00am end noon

Who – max of 3 attendees per member company

What – Will be looking on the mfg floor where focus is renewed on 5S, and beginning the lean journey

Safety – Closed toe shoes
Long pants/slack etc, – no shorts, skirts, half length pants
Safety glasses required
No photo’s

Why – Let’s go see and discuss how Restek is “recharging” their lean/continuous improvement efforts


to register go to:


Summary LTN meeting at MSC October 29, 2014

700,000 square feet, over 500,000 sku’s, 11,000 line items shipped per day, 40 hours of training, yearly, for all employees.

Some of the eye catching facts we witnessed.  Fast, accurate, competitive and an engaging culture.

A great morning for all in attendance:

  • Four Seasons Produce
  • Peiffer Machine
  • Philips Ultrasound
  • Restek
  • and a guest from Massachusetts, Excelsior Integrated

I am delighted to official announce two new members to our network:

Tobyhanna Army Depot

Inclinator Company of America

Summary LTN meeting at Fenner Drive 10/9/14

The network was very impressed by the amazing job Chad Enck and his team preformed in preparation and implementation of their department move.  In addition to getting everything in the best location to support flow and reduce process waste, the department missed ZERO shipments during the move.  Yes, they moved an entire department and missed no shipments with little overtime.  Applied logistics and hard work at its best.

Thank again to Chad and everyone at Fenner who participated or supported their move and then hosted our network.

Member companies in attendance:

  • Four Seasons Produce
  • Misco Products
  • Adhesives Research
  • Peiffer Machine
  • Green Leaf Enterprises
  • Restek

Prospective members/guests

  • Tobyhanna Army Depot
  • Brentwood Industries


Network meeting Wednesday October 29, 2014 at MSC

I am truly delighted to announce October 29th as our date to visit the world-class MSC distribution center

Where – 100 MSC Drive, Jonestown, PA 17038  phone (717) 865-5888

When – Wednesday October 29, 2014 – arrive 8:30am, begin at 9am depart at noon


9 – 9:30am – Each attendee introduces themselves, their company and what aspect of continuous improvement they are currently engaged.


9:30am – 10am -Host company presents, brief background info, then more specific description of their selected lean/continuous improvement subject (such as 5S, Kanban, TPM, Pull/Flow, etc)


Next meeting Thursday October 9, 2014 @ Fenner Drive in Manheim

Next Lean Thinking Network Meeting

Where:  Fenner Drive, 311 West Stiegle St Manheim Pa 17545 parking in lower lot

When:  Thursday October 9, 2014, 9am-noon (arrive between 8:30 and 9)

What:  Topic- The Importance of Having a Future State Map prepared and Ready.  Fenner very recently moved a department, we will be able to go see and listen to the story from the people who did the work.

Who:  3 attendees per member company.

Safety: Safety glasses required we will be staying within the aisle so steel toes are not but no open toe shoes or heels.

Why: Moving a department is a challenging task, often filled with mistakes.  This will be a wonderful learning opportunity.

Fenner has requested the name, business and title of all attendees be available to them by Thursday Sept 25, 2014.

to register go to:




We are looking at October 9th,  9am-noon (arrive between 8:30 and 9) at 311 West Stiegle St Manheim Pa 17545 parking in lower lot. I will need names of all attendees, place of business and their titles 2 weeks in advance.  We can handle 20-30 people total

Summary 8/7/14 visit to Tobyhanna Army Depot

Our second visit to the Shingo Prize winning Army Depot did not disappoint as we visited new areas and saw, heard and discussed the improvements made and opportunities to make further improvements.  Building #30 – Sandblast and Paint was the focus of our tour.  The highlight of the tour (to me) was an idea demonstrated by an operator in an assembly cell, simplifying the process of turning a thumb screw…….and then showing us an improvement to the improvement…..Great Stuff!

According to Brad Jones, the Depot’s Director of Continuous Process Improvement, the Depot follows David Mann’s management philosophy:  1. Visual Management 2. Visual Accountability

3. Standard Work for Supervisors.  Mann’s philosophy filled attendees with the prospect of making some fundamental changes in operations.

Our thanks to the Depot and the great team that supported our learning efforts.

Attending companys:

Misco Products

Green Leaf Enterprises

Restek Corp.




Network meeting Thursday August 7, 2014 at Tobyhanna Army Depot


Itinerary for the Visit of

Lean Thinking Network

7 Aug 14


0830 Arrival Building 20 Danielle E. Weinschenk, Directorate of Productivity Improvement and Innovation 
0900 Lean Six Sigma at Tobyhanna Army Depot Lean Six Sigma Room Brad Jones, Director, Productivity Improvement and InnovationSee Note 1
0930 Tour Building 30  Mr. Howard Slinger, Chief, Systems Preparation Branch, D/Systems Integration and Support
1130 Working Lunch Lean Six Sigma Room  
1300 Departure    


Purpose: To benchmark Lean Six Sigma and 6S initiatives at Tobyhanna Army Depot.


Lean Thinking Network attendees will be:


Dwight Bowen




(1)  Also attending the Briefings will be:  TO REGISTER GO TOregistration link




Mr. Donald Engel, Chief, Research and Analysis Division

Mr. Brian Regan, Chief, Process Improvement Division

Ms. Danielle Weinschenk, Directorate of Productivity Improvement and Innovation


(2)  Also attending the tour will be:


(3)  Personnel at Lunch will be:



Lunch will be Chicken Caesar Wraps, Pasta Salad, Assorted Potato Chips, Fresh Baked Cookies and Assorted Beverages. Cost will be $9.00 per person.



Point of contact for this Itinerary is Danielle Weinschenk, (570) 615-7418.

Team Tobyhanna – Excellence in Electronics!